The Power of Creativity


Finding and participating in a creative activity benefits your life in multiple ways which add substantially to your overall happiness.

Creative activities of any kind have been shown to improve overall emotional health. Creativity can increase our control over emotional pain and depression. This is due to the self-reflection and greater understanding of oneself that often comes with creation.

Participation in creative activities impact the body in a way similar to meditation, lowering blood pressure and stress levels. The best part? Watching creative events is just as beneficial as partaking in one. Art shows, museums and concerts count! Creative works also help you navigate life and process difficult situations. Writing in a journal, singing and pouring your heart out in a painting or sculpture can help you work through heartache and loss.


The biggest stumbling block for most of us is time. That's why looking for little ways to integrate creation on a regular basis is such a smart move. Use your daily routine to inspire a little creativity. Take a minute in the morning to consider what kind of vibe you want your hair, makeup and wardrobe to have. Do something a little cheeky with your outfit, style your hair with more flair than absolutely necessary, use an unusual shade of lipstick; anything that brings a secret smile to your lips and gets you excited to head out into the world.