Fashion is More Than Fashion

Fashion has a reputation of being a tool to make those who have it feel superior to those who don't. While that aspect of it exists, I think fashion, in it's highest form, is meant to inspire creativity, shake up the everyday, spark emotions, express different sides of who we are, and give us courage to be who we are or who we aspire to be.


Have you ever watched a young child get dressed? They might pair a dinosaur shirt with a sparkly tutu, polka dot tights and a superhero cape. The world hasn't sunk it's hooks into them, yet, telling them what is acceptable. They dress for how they FEEL, not for what they have to do that day. I don't think we should give that up. We should add touches of levity to our look; inspire smiles in those we meet.


When we let who we are and how we feel inside show, we can lift hearts, create smiles, be the bright point in a dull landscape, inspiring others to do the same. Let's give them something to talk about.