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7:00 AM.  Brow pencil. Check. Brow wax. Check. Brow powder, brow gel, angled brush, spoolie.  Check, check, check.  Gather it up, put it in the “not needed now” box, and grin.  Why?  Because my brows are already perfect!

And that, my lovelies, is the wonder of Olivia’s brow artistry.  
Let’s step back a month or two.  I’d been researching micro-blading for a year, studying befores and afters, reading reviews, and wondering whether it was for me.  I was betwixt and between; I’m older than I once was, as the lyric goes, and was (justifiably) nervous: thick, dark, sculptural brows don’t work on women of a certain age.  Nearly every photo I saw was that.  Not a good look - especially if you’ve lost your brow hair, as I had.  OTH, having lost my brow hair, the daily process of creating brows was an experience.  A long, painstaking experience.  Every. Single. Day.

So.  An email from Salon deZen.  Olivia is licensed to do brows.  What?!  I go.  We talk.  Me: Can you do boring brows?  Olivia: You are too funny!  Me: Maybe.  But can you?  Will you?  Olivia: *big hug*  Yes.  (This is unusual, by the way.  Most micro-blading techs will not veer from the formula. There’s an arrogance about the formula.  It’s the formula, after all, and we can’t entertain any deviation.  Absolutely not.)  Olivia went on to explain that she’d map the brows with a grease pencil, and we would tune from there.  She would spend as much time as it took to replicate my once-upon-a-time brows.  Yes!  Sign me up!
Olivia was as good as her word.  Better, even.  She spent 90 minutes drawing, erasing, drawing, and fine tuning.  I was fussy.  So was she.  Her color recommendations were spot on: no caterpillars graced my forehead.  There was no pain.  None.  Probably because Olivia was generous with the numbing cream and even more generous with her time.  Three hours later, I left with eyebrows.  Glory days!  A few things about the three hours.  First, Surprise! I didn’t want the formula. The formula is faster.  Second, I have no brows.  No brows is much harder, and definitely adds time.  And finally, I was one of Olivia’s first clients.  

The thing about eyebrows is that a face - any face - looks incomplete without them.  A bad brow is better than no brow, though not by much.  But a great brow?  A brow that perfectly compliments your face? A brow so beautifully micro-bladed that no one can tell?  Worth its weight in just about anything.  Think of it: brows 24/7/365.  Brows that stay on in humidity, the ocean, the gym, and tear jerker films.  Effortless.  Literally.  
My BFF and I were talking the other day.  We are not millennials.  We aren’t even Gen Xers.  We don’t do fads, we believe that less is more, and we (mostly) prefer to age gracefully.  Both of us have micro-bladed brows.  Neither of us will ever go without them, again.  
Guest Blog Post by Robin Schmeck