Where do Fashion Trends find their Genesis?

Runways are no longer the main source of fashion trends. In a world where instagram stars are born daily, people have constant access to unlimited media from around the globe. The rapid development of digital reality has changed how new styles spread from the point of origin to the rest of society.

In decades past, fashion houses created looks, sent them to magazines and from there they filtered down to consumers. Now, while fashion houses still have a role to play, street style is competing for attention. Street style are everyday looks that inspire and impact those who see them. A larger percentage of people try street style trends because they perceive them as easier to pull off and money is less of an issue. Colorful furs and hippie chic are two examples of trends started by instagram stars.

Celebrities are one of the biggest driving forces in trend creation. We covet celebrities, putting them on pedestals, watching what they wear, how they cut their hair, the make up they use. Their huge fan base means they have farther reaching influence than the latest fashion magazine and, because of modern media, we have instant, perpetual access to what they are wearing and doing. It's gone so far that we even have bloggers creating fashion pranks using celebrities!

Fashion bloggers have major influence in their niche areas. People follow fashion bloggers to go right to the core of how a trend is crafted so they are informed from the very beginning on what is coming next. Bloggers have a fresh perspective on the fashion industry and their readers love the feeling that they are vicariously in the know as well. Well known fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, has set several trends and has become so influential that several big fashion houses have collaborated with her to create collections.

We live in a fascinating time when anyone with a vision has the ability to impart that vision to the entire world in a matter of seconds, creating an unprecedented ability to influence the direction and flow of trends, style and fashion.