Achieving Greatness

In my years as a stylist, I have met, conversed with, and learned from successful entrepreneurs, CEO's, artists, creators, inventors, and dreamers. Over time I have recognized traits that all of these ambitious pioneers who are shaping society, have in common.



All of them fail, but their failures don't stop them. They learn, they adjust, they try again.


They are firmly convicted in their vision pursuing it passionately and relentlessly. They want it more than sleep, more than temporary distractions, more than an easy life.


They take everything life deals them and find a way for it to make them stronger, better, more compassionate, wiser.


They invest in themselves. They build on their knowledge and skills with continued education. They hammer away at their craft, growing it, perfecting it. They take time for self care and renewal.

To the artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, creators and innovators who never stop, never quit, always grow and morph and change, I salute you. Keep moving forward.