The ZEN of Silver

My imaginary version of me is 20 pounds thinner, effortlessly elegant, and has long, silver hair.  Wait, what? Long, silver hair?  Yes.  Like this:

Or this:

20 lbs and effortlessly elegant is asking a lot - trust me on this one! - but long silver hair is definitely within the realm of possibility.  Monthly salon visits to color the constantly reemerging white stripe along part, hairline and temples are affirmation enough.  Knowing that it should be bi-weekly visits seals the deal.

Enter Google.  Type in "Transitioning to gray" (or "grey," as you prefer).  Prepare to be appalled.  First up, the bloggers for whom going gray is a capital "S" Statement.  Then, those for whom it is a metaphysical journey.  Yikes!  It's just hair, right?  And, by the way, for both of the aforementioned, it is a long process undertaken by: a) watching one's part, hairline and temples widen, inch by inch, like the Capital Beltway; or b) going for the great chop.  Not exactly consistent with effortlessly elegant.

Exit Google.  Call Salon deZEN.  Ask if Maria has time to do just a bit more during my upcoming appointment. Breathe deeply.  Believe that she'll come up with a plan. Wait and dream.
Brief aside:  The sun, moon and stars occasionally align, as they did for my scheduled appointment.  In fairness, had my beloved Recca told me I'd have to wait a month, I would have done.  I knew this would take awhile - hours, in fact.  And I know Maria books out several months.     
     Good things, however, are worth waiting for.

Appointment day, or The Day the World Went Shimmery
Me: I want to do this (shows Maria 20 photos of long, silver hair).
Maria: (smiling) It could take awhile ...
Me: Perfect!  Can you do it today?  I have lots of time [😄] .
Maria: (laughing) We booked lots of time!

Five hours later, my hair has gone from a medium warm brown to pale blonde.  Maria has highlighted it not once, but twice. The blonde blends beautifully with my silver roots.  It feels like silk; not one hair has broken. (Olaplex is that good.  Really.)  We will fine tune over the weeks and months to come, as the silvery gray grows in - but for today, the transformation is astonishing and I am gleeful.  KEVIN.MURPHY's Repair.Me line is in my tote bag; long, silver hair is a powerful motivator.  I leave feeling lighter, happier, wanting pink lipstick. 
Perhaps this effortlessly elegant thing is within the realm of possibility, after all...  
Hey. A girl can dream.

DINAIR Liquid Lipstick in Dollhouse

I'd be remiss ...  The Kevin Murphy Repair.Me line are astonishing products!  More about them, another time.
For now, if your stylist recommends them, just do it.
You can thank me later.