Nurturing Enthusiasm

Nuturing Enthusiasm

When trying to manifest dreams or goals from theory to reality, one great frustration can be a loss of enthusiasm for the goal. Working through this can feel like slogging through mud, robbing you of energy.

Purposeful Silence

Find a quiet, peaceful place either inside or in nature. Get comfortable and then simply be quiet. If your brain keeps spinning with details, purposefully pull it back to focussing on the stillness and silence around you. Draw that silence into yourself, letting it soothe the heat and frustration of your thoughts. Do this for a minimum of 10 minutes and build to 30 minutes. Follow this link to find out more on the science of silence.

Let Go of the Goal....Temporarily

Sometimes when we feel our enthusiasm flagging, we attempt to force it which, over time, can feel very inauthentic and have the opposite effect than the one we desire. If we instead promise ourselves that we will come back to the goal and then set it aside and go do something lighthearted or relaxing, enthusiasm may return on it's own.


Find a Mentor

Talking about your goals with like minded people can renew your passion for what you are trying to manifest. Friends can provide this support, but be wise in who you choose to confide in as the wrong confidante can disperse your energy. Support groups with similar goals or direction as your own are also a great outlet. A class or book geared towards your goal can also help raise enthusiasm.

Giving life to new ideas and projects is an extensive, difficult endeavor. Maintaining passion and focus is key to continuing the journey. Experiment with these methods and find what works for you.