Rude Girl Style

London-based fashion designer, Duro Olowu"s fall collection is all about strong, clean lines and fine detailing with slight concessions to femininity. The inspiration for this collection was Pauline Black, arrogantly stylish front woman of the Selecter, a ska revival band formed in the '70s. Pauline Black, Duro's muse, says, "What makes an outfit for me are those sharp and crisp lines. I see going on stage as a kind of girding of the loins, almost. I always lay my clothes out like armor. When I go on stage I'm ready to do battle, I'm not there to--what can I say...pretty things up."


Pauline crafted her look by cherry picking Harrington jackets, checked blouses and tailored pants from alternative stores taking inspiration from 60's male fashion. Later a roadie told her to add her signature hat. She said it instantly made everything look sharp.


While Duro's collection added bold colors and patterns it remains very true to Pauline Black's carefully cultivated look. Lines like these pair well with strong, geometric hairstyles and minimalist makeup with a bright lip.