Life Without Limits

Why do we limit ourselves? What holds us back from trying new things? Most minor changes to our hairstyle or wardrobe don't require a lot of commitment so we shouldn't fear trying something new.


Bangs are a simple way to change your style. Blunt bangs on soft features can sharpen cheekbones. Minimalist, wispy bangs are a fantastic way to visually shorten a long, thin face and are easy to grow out if you tire of them. Angled, side swept bangs look great on everyone and significantly alter the feel of a one length cut. Peekaboo bangs offer easy drama for any style.

Extensions offer instant change whether you are adding volume, length or even using them to try a new color. Clip in extensions are awesome for adding temporary fashion color if bright colors aren't any every day option for you. Put in a pop of color to shake things up!


Most people view changing their hair color as very permanent, but the truth is it is relatively simple to transition between different colors and looks. Add some highlights or a few bright pieces of bold color. Use a color enhancing shampoo to amp up your natural color.


Don't hold back from change. Let go of untrue stories about why we can't or who we are allowed to be. Try new things, have fun. If you want it, go for it!