Art Imitates Life

The return to stronger outlines and geometric haircuts has prompted a revival of structured styling. Bohemian, devil may care, finishes are being retired. Now the devil is in the details.

Perfectly polished, straight hair

Part hair in the middle or with a deep side part. Smooth or flat iron hair midshaft to ends. Gently smooth a light styling glaze over the surface of the hair, from the roots to just below the ears. Let air dry.

Finger waves and High Rise Pixies

Finger waves are best left to a professional, but you can get faux finger waves using light styling glaze applied to damp hair in the sections of hair in front of your ears. Use your fingers to push the hair in this area into a lazy S-shape and secure with decorative bobby pins. Secure the rest of the hair into a low bun. Let air dry.


For the pixie, slick the sides back over the ears with medium hold gel. With a medium barrel curling iron, curl hair on the top of the head back away from your face. Separate curls with your fingers and a bit of texture paste. Finish the style with strong hold hair spray.


Pony Tail Sculptures

There are several versions of ponytail sculptures. You are only limited by your imagination. The basis is a gently backcombed ponytail. Smooth the surface of the ponytail and mold and secure the ponytail in the desired shape. Ponytail cuffs and decorative pins increase the sophisticated appeal of this look.


High Bun with Architectural Details

Simply take your normal bun and wrap a braided section of hair around the base or leave a section or two of hair pulled out of the bun and define them with texture paste and hair spray. This works just as well with low buns.


It's time to dust off our styling chops and pair these strong shapes with the bold colors and silhouettes of fall fashion. Be bold, be beautiful!