Kiss Frizz Goodbye!

Every curly girl I have ever talked to has one major complaint: frizz. Queens of Kink, rejoice! Here's your guide to quitting frizz.

Invest in a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner like Kevin Murphy's Hydrate.Me.wash and rinse. It's rich in shea butter and evening primrose oil to condition and moisturize and kakadu plum, high in Vitamin C, to repair damage and seal in moisture. Those with thick coarse curls may want to consider co-washing, washing with conditioner, and skipping shampoo entirely. Also, if you can get away without cleansing every day, do so, allowing your hair's natural oils to balance. And ditch the terry cloth towel, opting for a microfiber one.

Frizz happens when dry, porous hair absorbs extra moisture from the air. Prep hair with either Kevin Murphy's Motion.Lotion. for finer textured hair or Killer.Curls.for coarse textured hair. Motion.Lotion. contains sesame and bergamot oil to condition locks, keeping moisture from the air out. Killer.Curls. offers baobab oil to moisturize, watermelon extract with vitamin C and amino acids to repair curls and aloe vera to seal the hair shaft keeping frizz-causing humidity at bay.

Detangle hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. When you can allow hair ti air dry. If that's not an option, use an ionic dryer with a diffuser attachment to mimic air drying.

Rock your beautiful, bouncy curls!