Morphing from Mermaid to Femme Fatale

Whimsical rainbow mermaid hair has been the darling of the fashion world for long enough. Moving into autumn, look for ethereal goddess couture to give way to the femme fatale drama of geometric precision cuts and bold, strategic color placement.

Geometric cuts are marked by strong edges, statement bangs and structured styling. Think of triangles, squares and rounds being incorporated into the shape of the cut. Short haired vixens, talk to your stylist about pageboys, wedges and pixies with sharp clean angles.

Medium lengths, dynamic bobs and blunt bangs will have a strong presence. Explore color blocking and rich tones to emphasize the square shape of the cut.

Those wanting to keep their lush locks, but update their look to stay current, consult with your stylist about heavy face framing with roundness moving in towards cheekbones or solid bangs. A deep jewel-toned color will anchor the style.

Fashion gives us the opportunity to explore so many different parts of ourselves. It's time to experience something new.