Unicorn Hair

The young child that lives in our hearts, the one that delighted in playing dress up and wished fairies existed, secretly longs to have rainbow unicorn hair. But, let's face it, for many reasons, it doesn't seem attainable. Cost, commitment, hair health and requirements of society hold many of us back. No more. Whatever your reasons for not getting your jewel-toned locks, we have a solution.

Hair Health

If you aren't graced with naturally light hair, the process of lightening your whole head to achieve a fashion color can be arduous and damaging. You may even run the risk of parting with some of your length. Instead of all over lightening, talk to your stylist about precision placement of color panels to get a stunning look without risking hair integrity and much less commitment and upkeep.


Short Cuts

Thinking of taking the plunge to a shorter do? That's the perfect time to add fashion color to your appointment. Shorter hair stays healthier than long because the hair shaft sees less exposure to environmental, chemical, and heat-related stress.

Sha-Bam! Rainbow Hair!

Those of us with dark hair feel the most frustration with wanting magical, jeweled hair, but knowing that unless we're blessed with iron-strong locks, we can't get it without melting our hair. Ask your stylist to help you design a look and have them custom color clip-in human hair extensions. Your stylist will also be able to teach you how to put the extensions in and will cut them to blend with your existing style. When you're tired of the look or the extensions get worn, you can have your stylist create a new signature look. Repeat as often as you want! This is also a great option for professionals who have to consider their career when making fashion choices. This is a fabulously functional, economical, low maintenance way to get in on an inspiring trend that allows for joyous self-expression.