Part Lines Front and Center

Spring and summer fashion weeks have made center parts a real thing, taking over award shows and runways. There is one simple reason for this: middle parts are all encompassing. They work with beachy waves, fingerwaves, low buns, ponytails, straight hair, curly hair; there is nowhere they can't go.


More good news, changing your part is actually good for you and your hair. Moving your part gives your routine part line a break. If you consistently part in the same place, the hair in that area can get overly stressed by heated styling tools and the products we slather on to control the baby fine broken hairs on our part line.


Center part not for you? No worries. Moving your part to the right or left can dramatically change your style and give your look a major lift. Experiment with slightly off center parts and deep side parts to find new ways to rock your current style. There are some great makeover pictures, ideas and tips in the following article.