Tangled Summer Hair

Tangled Summer Hair

Braids can be practical, cute, romantic, sexy, playful. That's what makes them such a great trend for summer.

Braided Bangs

In a throwback to the innocence of childhood, braid the front section of your hair on either side of your forehead and ponytail them together at the back of your head to create a crown. You can flat iron the rest of your hair or rock your natural texture.

Halo braid

Fishtail braid your hair, then wrap the tail around your head and pin to the opposite side. Done!

Bedazzled Fishtail

This is a simple, sexy look. Backcomb hair on both sides of head to create messy texture. Fishtail braid your hair to the side and pin your favorite brooch into the braid with bobby pins.

Side Braid Pony

Braid a small section of hair in the front of your head then gather hair and braid into a side pony tail.

Faux Hawk Braid

For an edgy look, make four ponytails down the center of your head. Twist the ponytails loosely around each other and tuck in and pin the ends.

If you don't have mad braiding skills, schedule a tutorial session with your stylist. Bring pictures of the braided looks you would like to learn.