Gorgeous Brows at the Stroke of a Pen

We are very excited to be bringing microblading to Salon deZEN!  Microblading is an innovative new procedure in the realm of cosmetic tattooing. Its popularity stems from the results of perfectly sculpted brows with a beautiful, natural finish. Also, it is semi-permanent which allows for shifting the shape and color as we age or trends change. This is a huge advantage over permanent cosmetic tattooing.

The Process

Microblading is a "painting" of fine, precise strokes that mimic the look of real hairs. This is done using a special microblading pen to paint the individual strokes into the existing brow, filling it in and shaping it.

Your brow artist will start with an in depth consultation about what your expectations are, desired result, shape and thickness. Then colors will be chosen; your artist will choose a few complementary colors to add dimension and increase the natural appearance of the finished brow. She will take measurements of your brows to determine the starting point, arch and finish point of your brows and will sketch the desired shape on your brows so you can feel confident about the end result.


You will have a topical anesthetic applied to your brows and your artist will then begin placing the hair-like strokes into your brow creating the desired shape. The whole process takes about 1 hour.


Dos and Don'ts of Microblading

Before your appointment you should not pluck or wax your brows. You should also stop using exfoliators 72 hours before your appointment. Discontinue use of products containing