Buzz Cut Beauty

Super stars such as Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, and Cara Delevigne are baring the structural beauty of their faces by taking hair from long and flowing to a cropped buzz cut. Far from being severe, the style is kept soft with texture, color and shine. Buttery blonde, dusky rose and warm espresso shades highlight feminine features like the curve of the lips while the minimalist hairstyle allows the strength of the feminine spirit to radiate and become the focus.

There is more to this look than fashion. In a society which has not always nurtured and celebrated the unique gifts, contributions and strengths of women, this trend is an outward manifestation of beliefs and desires of the womanly soul. We are not objects to be only admired for the ornamentation we provide while our minds, ideas, and ambitions are ignored. Women have a deep passion for creation, endless ingenuity. We will fight tirelessly for what we believe in and we develop and cultivate those who work for and with us, our vision, our skills, craft, and talents and our relationships. This trend says, "I will not be disregarded. I take responsibility for my choices. I will be the master of my own happiness. Help me if you want; do not hinder me. I will fight."

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