Get the Most From Your Salon Visit

As women, we approach our salon visit with excitement, resignation or trepidation. We enjoy being pampered, but being prepared for the event is key to getting the results we desire.

Action Plan

Think about your hair goals before your visit. What do you love about your hair, what do you hate? Are you growing towards a particular style? Do you want length, but wish your hair wasn't so lifeless? Are you changing the cut or color to stay current with fashion trends?


Find pictures that reflect your vision. Look for models who have a similar face shape to yours. This will give you more confidence that the style will suit you well. When looking at colors keep in mind that many multimedia photos are retouched and may not be achievable.   If you are planning a change, get to your appointment early to look at color swatches and pictures with your stylist so you can both determine how to best achieve the change. 

Lifestyle and Personality

 Dress to show your personality and wear your hair as naturally as possible. How you express your style will have a strong influence on your stylist helping you to get a look that suits you and that you feel gorgeous wearing. We would all love to strut down the street with the latest style, but manage your expectations and find what works for you. Be open to any tweeks, changes and advice offered by your stylist. After all, you are paying for their experience and expertise.

Everday Fabulous

We want you to look and feel beautiful everyday, not just in our chair. Talk to your stylist about maintenance for the look. How often should you expect to get it cut and colored? Ask about products, tools and styling tips to recreate the look at home.