Make Summer Beauty a Breeze!

Summer is a time of sun-soaked days at the beach, backyard barbeques and lazy porch sitting. We want to look great, but we don't want to spend all day on it. Salon deZEN has combined on trend makeup and hairstyles to simplify your life while keeping your image on point. Cheers to not being a slave to the mirror!

Bronze Beauty

Dewy, bronzed skin is a classic summer look. Use a bronzer-highlighter duo to accentuate cheekbones. Use bronzer to create a copper wash over the eyelids. Line the eyes with brown liner for a soft finish. For a pop of drama, line eyes with bright blue liner. Keep the lips light. Pair this look with either sleek, straight hair with a center part or loose mermaid waves. Add some mini plaits to either option for a bohemian feel.

Naughty Mouth

A matte red lip married to barely there makeup adds an edge of mystery. Use a coral red for warm skin tones and a berry red for cool. Pair with tousled beach waves created with Kevin Murphy's Hair.Resort.Spray.


For evening gatherings, use minimalist, nude makeup, but line under the eye with glitter shadow. Get creative with the color. Finish the lips with a clear gloss. Sweep hair into a wavy, side ponytail.

Haute Pink

Magenta liner is causing a stir on the summer runways. The bright pink look is stunning against tan skin. Apply a thick line to outer two-thirds of the upper lash line, blend slightly. Keep the mouth light. Brush hair into a smooth, high ponytail.


Pretty Kitty

Instead of the meticulous cat eye, focus dark gel liner (black, navy, violet, maroon) on the outer corner of the eye, top and bottom. Create a slight wing. Slick hair back into a high or low bun. Paint your lips with your favorite peachy lipstick and voila! Effortless sophistication.