Living Color

Sometimes we change our color to reinvent ourselves or to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. 


Sometimes we try a bold color to attract attention. some people see these reasons as the act of vain women. I think that people dismiss the impact that these frivolous acts can have. I, myself, have been on the receiving end of negative public opinion with strangers feeling they have the right to tell me what I should and should not do to my hair. Comments run from allegations of a midlife crisis or romance rebound to flat out, " I hate it when women put unnatural colors in their hair."


What they are not seeing is the potential good for yourself and others that can come from changing your appearance, going outside of the excepted norm. 


A woman with a beautiful spirit came to me asking to use fashion color in a truly unique way. While going through a painful time, she utilized fashion color to start the healing process for herself and bringing joy into the lives of others. This is her story.