Where has the Hair Gone?

Seeing more hair coming out in the shower or when brushing can be a scary, stressful occurrence for many men and women. For both of us, a portion of our sense of well-being and identity is attached to our hair. Finding solutions to it are confusing because, if the cause of the hair thinning isn't from DHT, the possibilities and treatments expand.

A conversion of testosterone to DHT is the primary cause of thinning hair in men and can affect women too, if our hormones become imbalanced. This is most likely to happen as women hit their 30s and hormones start to decline. The best defense for men and women with this type of thinning is a topical thinning regimen that either neutralizes DHT or prevents it from being formed, increases circulation to the scalp and keeps hair follicles unclogged. Kevin Murphy's Thick.Again. uses biotinoyl tripeptide 1, the same technology used in eyelash thickening serums, ginger root to increase circulation and nettle extract to strengthen hair at the root.


Anemia and vitamin B deficiency are less common causes of hair thinning. Both are easy to diagnose and correct. Symptoms besides hair loss include extreme tiredness, lethargy and in the case of anemia, easy bruising and problems with blood clotting. A blood test from your doctor will tell you if you have a deficiency and supplementation will correct the problem over time. You can support recovery with a hair, skin and nails supplement and a topical hair thinning regimen.


Physical and emotional stress can cause a sudden onset of hair thinning, Our modern life of go, go, go, late hours and early mornings is the perfect environment to kick our fight or flight hormones into overdrive keeping us in a state of chronic stress. Over time, this can take it's toll on the body. Lifestyle changes can lower stress and help reverse hair loss. Mindfulness practices such as exercise, yoga and meditation can help reset our cortisol levels, reducing stress. Taking a high quality hair, skin, and nails supplement can help support hair health during extra stressful times. Look for ones with biotin, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and iron and herbs like ginger or peppermint to increase circulation.


No matter the cause of your hair loss, taking a multi-targeted approach of reducing stress, increasing circulation through regular exercise, using a high quality hair supplement and a professional topical hair thinning regimen will help your hair look it's best and give you your best chance at success.