Bombshell Blowout

Sane is such a nice place to be. I want to live here all the time. And while holidays can be a time for fun, connecting with family and friends, laughter and joy, they are also stressful as they add even more to already crammed schedules. Let your designer lighten your load and bring you back to zen by scheduling professional blowouts during the holiday season.

A blowout is different from a basic style because your stylist is creating a look meant to last a few days with a minimum of fuss. The hair is carefully prepped for hold and longevity without buildup. Round brushes build fullness and sexy curves into your current style using heat to mold and cool air to hold the style. Add even more value by finishing with an airbrush makeup application before any special events.


Finally, protect your blowout with a few key tips:

1. Look, but don't touch. (too much)

Try not to run your hands through your hair as this can undo your blowout.

2. Reach for dry shampoo.

Spray at the roots to absorb oil. This increases the life of your blowout.

3. Protect your hairline.

When washing your face, wear a wide cotton headband to avoid getting your hairline wet. Damp equals frizz.

4. Loosen your ponytail

Ponytails and buns create odd bends in the hair, ruining your blowout.


Leave the work to us and enjoy your family and friends in style!