Queens of Curl

During the summer curly girls have to fight heat and frizz-causing humidity, during the colder months our curls fight dryness which causes breakage, loss of shine and lifeless curls.


Deva products were developed by a salon for their curly-haired clients and have a regimen for each type of curl: wavy, curly, and corkscrew. All of their products are free of parabens, silicone, mineral oil and sulfates, delivering only the most nourishing conditioners, emollients and shine enhancers.


For every day care Deva created No-Poo, a moisturizing, non-lathering formula with stimulating peppermint and luxurious Turkish rose to gently lift dirt from curly hair. Follow with One Conditioner which is rich in olive fruit oil which both conditions and seals the cuticle, locking in moisture and enhancing shine.


To keep our curls looking glossy and bouncy, it is essential to deep condition once a week. Melt in Moisture is loaded with excellent deep conditioners sweet almond oil, coconut oil and sunflower seed oil and powerful anitoxidants from beet root, rosemary and hops which combat environmental damage.


Finish with a high quality definer like Deva Super Cream with jojoba protein for a smooth, healthy curl surface and coconut oil to condition and de-frizz. Apply to damp curls and diffuse hair dry.

Love your hair during this winter season and it will love you back!